20 rigid protective masks

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CE certified PPE category III – Filtering half masks - Box of 20 units.

    Our MK22A filtering half masks are assembled in France with:

    • FFP2 level filtration as per WHO recommendations. see certification below
    • large and rigid structure for easier breathing
    • adjustable nose strip
    • soft inside liner for a more comfortable and tighter fit for your face
    • dual soft 250% stretch headbands to avoid ear pains
    • headband adjusters for perfect balance of fit and comfort

    Why use headbands ? You get a closer fit without leaks and it can be worn for extended time without pain.

    Why use an inside liner ? It reduces leaks and is much more comfortable to your skin. Our inside liner is made of soft flannelette material.


    PPE category III - Filtering half mask

    CE certification:

    EU Regulation (EU) 2016/425 RU No. PPE-R/02.075 
    CE certificate
    Declaration of Conformity

    Filtration efficiency:

    FFP2 level : ≥ 94 % (average filtration exceeds 97%)


    As requested by World Health Organization recommendations, for this specific use, the nominal protection factor given by this filtering half mask is the same than the FFP2 nominal protection factor defined in EN 149:2001+A1:2009.

    Box content20 units
    Sealing wrap20 units together
    Box weight0.35 kg
    Box size145mmx140mmx220mm
    Carton content24 boxes = 480 units
    Carton weight9kg.
    Carton size590mmx430mmx230mm


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