Cilicon executive and technical teams have expertise in automation for the electronics and semi conductor industry. We have strong engineering resources in France, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong/China to deploy rapidly flexible manufacturing solutions.

As an example we are delivering to US and European customers a range of production machines to scale up regional manufacturing of protective masks. All our machines use the best available components from Europe, Japan and the US, are designed for ease of operation and maintenance and are IEC and CE certified.

Some the machines we have built and deployed in less than 45 days include:

Folded mask machine

This machine can product  half filtering masks. it can produce 45 to 50 masks per minute. Nose foam module is optional.



Headband machine

Our semi automatic headband machine is flexible enough to process either cup masks or folded masks. It enables flexible production of up to 25 masks per minute. A second version is available to process cup masks with additional nose clip and printing modules.


Packing machine

Our packing and sealing machine is designed to seal folded masks and can process 50 masks per minute.



Components and certification

All our machines are CE or IEC60204 certified. We use ultrasonic welders from Rinco Switzerland and all key components are from Japan, Taiwan, EU or USA.

We guarantee that when used with our raw materials or other qualified raw materials, masks produced pass both CE and US NIOSH tests requirements. Test reports available on demand. Our range of masks is produced on our machines and distributed in Europe and the USA.

Commitment to public safety

Before end of the year 2020, Cilicon Automation team will be installing production capacity for 500,000 masks / day in the USA and 100,000 masks / day in France. This will provide critical locally produced protective masks where it is needed to contribute to a safer winter for all.